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One of the College’s principal aims is to provide a broadly-based education designed to enable all boys to discover their strengths, and to make the most of their talents within Eton and beyond. Though good examination results are always important to employers when they select young people, other characteristics and qualities are equally vital. We are preparing boys for a world that will be very different to what their parents and teachers experienced. Rapid technological and demographic change, alongside considerable economic and environmental challenges, mean that sound career education has never been more important. 

Eton Futures

The Eton Futures career education team includes two registered career development professionals who provide one-to-one specialist careers advice and guidance to boys of all ages. The department was awarded the Quality in Careers Standard by Career Mark in 2018 and in the same year was highly commended by the Independent School Parent magazine for its career programme.

Eton Futures has put in place a wide range of opportunities, activities and support to help its learners progress to the next step of their career journey.

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Eton Futures introduces boys to the significance of employability and encourages them to develop this throughout their time at Eton. Employability is the set of skills, knowledge, understanding and personal attributes that make a person more likely to choose, secure and retain occupations in which they can be happy and successful.

Did you know?

Xổ số muôn nămEton Futures was awarded the prestigious Quality in Careers Standard in 2018.


Our weekly VocSoc career seminars feature a wide variety of sectors and raise boys’ awareness of specific careers and the typical qualities that are required to be successful. Attendance at these seminars complements other societies such as Entrepreneurship Society, MedSoc and the Law Society which provide vocational insights and an understanding of the professions. Regular networking events allow boys to meet a plethora of professionals and find out about the career tracks that are available in sectors such as medicine, law, finance and engineering. These events, coupled with access to excellent online resources, gives learners the opportunity to gain genuine insights into the world of work and the nature of career. For example, extensive use of the Unifrog platform and eClips.

Xổ số muôn nămAs boys approach their specialist choices, they are encouraged to focus on career pathways. Extensive use is made of Morrisby online psychometric tests in the Lower School and boys in D Block (Year 11) have an interview with an independent careers advisor which is followed up by Tutors and House Masters.

Access to one-to-one advice and career guidance, as well as the regular career seminars and access to online resources, give learners the chance to find out about themselves and the world of work from their first year in the school.

Assessment report

Work Experience

Xổ số muôn nămAll boys in C & D Blocks are encouraged to carry out work experience in the school holidays to gain first-hand experience of the world of work, with assistance in arranging placements provided in many cases. We use Strengths Profiling with C Block (Year 12) to consider satisfying careers by focusing on their next steps in line with every boy’s unique set of strengths.

Xổ số muôn nămParents and pupils can find out more about our career education programme on the Parent Portal and Firefly respectively.

The majority of our events are open to other schools. Please contact us to find out more.